Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Runaway Mule in Nacogdoches

If your ever in downtown Nacogdoches and are without direction,
I will direct you toward the Runaway Mule.
It is right across the street from the visitors house.
The visitors house is in the middle of town.
Inside this runaway mule you will discover art and music from locals.
Tim Bryant books, Joe Landsdale, cd's,
It is an awesome store for this area of Texas.
They also have music concerts inside sometime.
Have a great time while you are there, there are so many good little stores there.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Zombie of Nacogdoches

There is a zombie in Nacogdoches
There is a zombie in this town
There is a zombie in Nacogdoches
Hes the mayor man.
We dont know his name.
He was brought to us by the old rich people here from Antartica.
The old money rich zombie people of Nacogdoches rule here.
They run around naked at night, usually down Mound Street.
Naked in the street they run, until the mayor sends out his secret bigfoot on them.

Zombies in Madisonville Texas

If you are from Madisonville Texas you must see your local police force as zombies.
They love for the citizens there to really lick their boots.
And if you dont they will teach you a lesson.
The king zombie police man told me he was an Aggie and that is why he acts the way he does.
The thing is I believe him.
So for the people of the nation if you go thorough Madisonville remember DONT STOP!
Or they will search you and remember they do not like music because as they said "they are AGGIES".

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mechanics and Zombies

Everytime you go to a mechanic remember,
Their code is to break something after they fix your problem.
This is the secret mechanic code,
Then you have to go to another mechanic.
They always loosen all the bolts too.
Oh mechanic, for once just fix the problems.
Dont tell people they need an engine wash.
Because people now believe it.
People are just plain stupid.
And mechanics are slick zombies.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Amish and illegal milk

Unanimous acts of Congress
Good temper, contemplation
Good people fugitive
Losing your right
Fundamental law
No mental reservations
One party violation
Unrepealed peaceably unmade
Arrest the Amish for illegal milk
Our government.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Deprogramming the Torture Box

Two and a half days of deprogramming
Switching of the pay-phones
Anti-Ford parking lots
Full of expert witnesses
Visits from Jesus
Retrieving lost memories
Entering the hall of circuits
Instructed by electronics.
Get out of the torture box.

Judas Priest and Zombies

A Joke!
Lawyers and stimulation
Teenagers given subliminal messages
Why should we assume?
The tapes worked.
A Judas Priest trial
Programs of flashes
Commercial evidence of advertisement
Eat your popcorn, smoke a cigar
Waco used Charleton Heston.
And dont try to deny it.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Gaunt of Sherborne

The shires call your name oh Gaunt
The castles wait your return to their gates
The hounds of Loxley are silent in wait for your return
A maiden awaits your vessel of heavy laden
The cow horn blows your call
Zombies walk the wasted streets in wait for your brain
They also fear your sword of truth
The maiden sings a song from the banks of the Neches.

Hell of Heat

Heat of the hell hounds of Hellsville breathe in on me
The heat of the metal of the Gods
Heat so much that the oven breaks apart
The side of your house melts under the pressure
Heat is in my mind, I breathe it, I feel it
It is as it was, and as it is today
All I can think is the heat
How to get away from it
How it will feel when it is again cool
Then, it is so cold I can not move my foot.