Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Zombies Drive Around

Zombies drive
Looking inside boarded windows
Big brother zombie eye
Watch people crap
Zombies drive
Looking inside boarded windows

Monday, November 21, 2011


Small but slow
By numbers they overwhelm you
Its the mini-zombies
They look like small Roy Orbisons
We call them here Orbisons
Sometimes you have to squish them
They also dig into the soil
They eat small pieces of turnips
Their very mancho.

Side of House Falls in Zombies Outside

The side of the house fell in
In the middle of the night
Then these sidewinder zombies
Started to throw walnuts at me.
I ducked.
Calling on the Gaunt of Loxley
The walnuts ceased.
Raining in the sky
Zombies die
In the night when the lights are dim.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Zombie in the Chicken House

The chikens are going crazy
They are running over everything
The zombies have been getting in the chiken house again
They give the chickens away to preachers
Then they give the rest to politicians
Leave the hens alone!
You damn zombies!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Zombies Falling Out of Boxcars

Damn zombies are falling out of the boxcars
They fall out and get run over by the train
Again and again
Damn zombies are falling out of the boxcars
They have their baked beans and beenie weenie brains.
Call the law theres a bunch of them out here
They cornered the timber men down in the woods,
Damn, theres zombies falling out of the boxcars again.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Leave my face alone Zombie

Put down the plastic machine zombie
I see what you have done to Kenny Rodgers
Leave the plastic for the wal-mart sack
Which seems to be in every tree and bush
Leave Lee Majors alone with your plastic
Let him beat the zombie down
Then jump off of a big truck on him
We shall call him Falling Zombie.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sloppy Runny Eggs

Dont fix me no sloppy runny eggs
Im sick and damn tired of this
Every morning you do this and Im tired of it.
You start them off good then you really mess them up.
They run all over my plate
And get in my beard
And stink like old runny eggs.
If you cant keep them together
Then why dont you practice or something
Ill buy some eggs for you
But this is awful
Im just tired of sloppy runny eggs.

Vile Tartar

Lead the vile Tartar hence
Hence forward with him
What a vile Tartar
Move him here hence forward
Out of the way
Lead the Tartar hence
Away with thee
Away with thee.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ole hose Zombie

Zombie when you see me down the steet
Take me to your mother
Take me to your mother
Zombie I will run to a old house
Then I will board up all the windows
And wait for you in a silent room
When you beat down my door
Take me to your mother
Take me to your mother
Zombie hatered to you.

Chemical Trail Zombites

The trail through the sky
The killer chemicals
Of the geo-chem zombites
Hidden from the real humans
Zombites love to throw chemicals on us
They think they have a creek plane
These zombites lost them in the hell hole
After real humans built bridges in their mind
Their minds grew moss heavy.

Laughing Old Zombie in Tree

Zombie in a tree laughing at me
Why do you eat lettuce and squash?
What is your plan for tree domination?
The things you drop from this tree.
I think wild hogs could shake this tree
After that thought you would fall out.
I know you like eight day old chili.
Why should I trust you zombie?
Why should I trust you?

Dowsing for Zombies

We had our dowsing sticks out the other day
We were in a field finding some long lost water
Then our dowsing rods detected zombies
There were wild zombies roaming the water lines
They were on their road to hell under our very feet
What was our response
Bury cornbread in a cup of milk.
That replaces the alkaline zombie molecules

Zombie inside a Deer

The deer ran fast through the woods
It was a ghost of one long ago
When an arrow pierced his side
There was a zombie that crawled out
What the hell is a zombie doing inside a deer?
Throwing hot coffee on him he ran to the creek
I believed he drowned next to a wild duck.

Zombies in the Corncrib

There was something moving in there
The wind blows mighty hard this time
Can you hear the shuffling of something there
There is a zombie in the corncrib
Dammit there is a zombie in the corncrib
Point the shotgun in between the logs
Make sure you can get a good shot
There is a zombie in the corncrib
Wild rats roam the old logs
Dont start a fire
Theres a zombie in the corncrib.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It is Only A Test "The Zombie Says"

This national Nazi zombie awareness test is tomorrow.
I would encourage everyone to tune into an illegal radio station to ignore it.
The best thing is to go somewhere where you cannot hear it at all.
This zombie Nazi government has stepped way over the line here.
All real Americans will tune it out and turn off all communication for a day.
Dont let them Hitlerize you into being a zombie like them.

Trees in the Woodland

Tress are a great thing
They stand tall and upright
They stop wind from blowing you away
In the winter they loose their leaves
What a shame
They are just overall a wonderful thing
Sometimes trees are used to make paper
You can also make a house out of them
Is that awesome or what.
Wow, there are so many uses for tress.
Trees are something to look at
In the winter thought they loose their leaves
What a shame.
Trees are all around you
Sometimes they will not grow on the plains and deserts.

Flowers and Fields

Most flowers grow in green fields.
Without fields these flowers would never grow.
The seed from certain flowers travel on animals.
People also move seed around.
Sometimes on shorts or pants they travel.
To different fields and pastures.
Flowers are so colorful and sometimes fragrant.
In the spring is the best time to look at flowers.
The rain and hard freezes sometimes deflower the flower.
Birds eat the seed.
Flowers come in many colors.
Sometimes red, sometimes blue.
Sometimes even in a yellow hue.
It is amazing to see flowers bloom.
They also attract bees and other insects,
Such as bollwevils.

Censor the word Zombie

Whoever is reading
Im not going to censor the work zombie
You can do whatever you think
But its not going away
There will always be zombie right here
Zombie, there it is again
Zombie, I just wrote it again
So just leave it alone and where it is.
As long as our leaders are zombies
There will be a zombie blog
Zombie, oh are you worried
Maybe about your job
Because you should be
Zombie, maybe you are the zombie
Every day a zombie poem or piece will be in your face.
In your face.

Old Zombie Mother Soup

Nancy Regann that old zombie mother herself
Bring out the dead Ronald
Let us start more zombies in this town
Ronald, go get a McRib
Ronald, I need a new fur coat
Zombie woman as you are
Leave your Warhol at home
With the rest of your zombie portraits
Come out of your zombie hut
And stop talking to Randolph and Ronald
Randolph is your Swiss lover
Old zombie mother soup.

Zombie Laughing in my Closet

Theres a zombie laughing in the closet
I would advise you not to open the door
He wears a suit with a zombie looking face
I would advise you not to open the door
In short take a hammer and tell him to come out
Then wack him across his face.
Of course they will use the plastic surgery
His face needs to look like other humans
Then they will listen to him
He is a product of Them
Because of his Nazi belt.

The Tat of the Zombie

I can tell you one thing
You may not want to hear it
You might shut me out
But here in the U.S.
We are loosing our rights fast.
People are scared and cowardly
To stand up and say NO!
Thug cops search you everywhere you go.
Then you thank them for doing a job.
That is ridiculous.
People here are asleep in a football game
And they do not have a clue what is going on.
Most of all of the money here is in the hands
Of old people who spend it all on hospitals and drugs.
Television says its ok
Watch your football game, its ok,
While a zombie is raping your family in the back room.
A zombie is raping your family in the back room.

Leaving the Zombie City

As the sun rises on that day
Leave your houses go away
Find a place all alone
Away from computers and telephones
No reception is the best
Take exception to the rest
Drink of water in the ground
Listen to the silent sound
You know every step outside
No one could ever hide
From the zombie on a ride.

Zombie in a Box

They are in the box
On the table
Listening to what you say.
If you talk bad about them
A zombie army will invade
Undertone we say our will
Only so they wont kill
Zombie agency listening close
Stop them now or they'll dose
Your coffee to the end.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Living with a Damn Zombie

Zombie my ass
My ass hurts because of that zombie
Listening to that new country music makes my ass hurt
Beiber has a baby, that makes my ass hurt
He is a Zombie piece of machinery
Designed to take your mind off of financial depression.
If my ass hurts its because of Beiber and his zombie onions.
The news is told by a zombie, paid for by a zombie, is a zombie.
If your ass hurts right now a zombies been ahold of it.
Zombie my ass.

Throw Your Damn Tv Out

Zombies on the picture screen
Try to enter my mind of ancient knowledge
Destroy, war is peace they say
I say throw your damn tv away.
Listen to them tell you what you think
How to feel, what to listen to,
What is good
I say throw your damn tv away.
If you want to find the good in man
If you want to see the country hidden
If you want to end war
If you want to start peace
Zombies are paying to control your mind.

Illegal Radio

I found the illegal radio next to a fence post
They told me if I listen the zombie would show at my door kill
I listened to the illegal radio
It was telling the truth and not old zombie stories
I was tired of the zombie running my life
I saw how the radio was made and made many more
The illegal radio is has things you have never hear
They have all been suppressed by the zombie man.
An illegal radio with a human voice
No zombies in my radio no more son.
No more zombies in my radio.

Time of the Chamber

The zombie walked slowly to the window.
Wagon yard beer is the worst.
Side windows and loud horses.
People singing without music.
The sound of loud women from a window of red.
What bad piano playing is going on down the street.
In a chamber at the end of the street.
Lies a man with chains on his feet.