Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sweetgum Tree Zombies

Sweetgum tree zombies
Roaming through the hills
Sweetgum tree zombies
Looking for cornbread
Sweetgum tree zombies
Searching for a side of a barn
Sweetgum tree zombies
Watching out for bigfooted aliens.
Sweetgum tree zombies
Just looking for a barn raising.
Sweetgum tree zombies.

Cold Dirt Zombie

Cold dirt zombie
Dirt tracked in
By zombies without feeling
It is a black looming, muddy
They smell like old dishwater
Makes you feel cold just looking at them.
They have no fire
They have no lust but brains. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Zombie Creek

Walking through Roman creeks
The zombies walk here
The Bigfoot watches prints
Corn grows near the temple
Open fields lie open
Call your planet
Tell them we need a train
Zombies derail and cry
The train blows its whistle one last time. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Zombie of a Tractor Man

Zombie tractor man
Rides back and forth
Through the open field
Looking for something.
Even at night
I see his lights
The moon shines on his plaid shirt
Then he runs into the pond
I watch the tractor lights sink
The noise succumbs to silent meditation
The zombie is gone. 

The Telegraph Yards

Lonely with vines growing
A rusty driving wheel
Empty yards, old trains
Wild animals in the rail cars
The engineer is in the nursing home
Nobody knows how to drive this thing
We need wood for the boiler
While we waited
They tore the depot down
A buzzard circles the station
The water tank is rotten
And the rail is falling in the creek
The mining car is missing
And the coal mills closed down
The telegraph never worked
Its something else.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Potato Cycle

You should be here, cooking
Cutting up potatoes and carrots
Fixing the stew and making coffee, tea, and wine
Setting the table
Making the house look good
Tending the homefire
Getting in the wood
Feeding the dogsand birds
Instead you are doing some art potato cycle. 


cold, dark, gothic
like a stale bowl of cereal
cold wind
the tops of buildings
no use for
people with dark expressions
its like a bad mob movie
black coats
no color
a cold dark city of gloom
full of sad heartache
no home for me
winters lair.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Old Mustard Wheels

Old mustard bottles
Cold old red bricks
All rearranged
Old Neh~he and mustard wheels
Guitar sounds out of tune
Dont be dancing in front of me
Someone broke my lawnmower wheel
I'll be damned. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Roman Sycamores

In the realm of myth
Temple pylons stand at noon
Staring out to open seas
Isis is looking for secret names
Alexander has a hidden stature of radiance
Papyrus of Roman citizens
Gold and broken headed statues
The tomb lies beyond time
Two sycamores grow there.

Coptic basilica
Vacant courtyards
Temple enclosures
Holy structure
A sanctuary to the Ptolemaic.

Silent Fields

Longing for a silent field
A silent mountain
Don't set me wrong
Not without mountain and field, wild creatures
Silent they are the best at
Even when loud
Silent fields with movement
With life
With vibrant eden
With random consequences
With you.

1910 Again

The side of the odd looking building was something. What did it really mean? Why was there a well inside? Was there old zombies thrown in the bottom? The old bulbs were coming up again. The comet was so close. It lit the night sky like daylight, nobody could sleep. The music from certain people were dire. Some believed it was 1910 again. It will swing pass, it looks awesome and amazing all at the same time. You really want to look at the comet all night long. It attracts your eyes like a bug to a box zapper.