Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bigfoot and the Kerosene Lamps

The old house full of zombies
Bigfoots outside looking in
The elfs are in the trees
The fairies are in the air
There are dung beetles on the ground
The natives send a signal
Return to the camp
Bigfoot will handle the kettle
The sun is going down
Soon wolfs will sound their call
Load the cannon
Light the kerosene lamps.

Lamer Smith Bigfoot

Are you a Lamer Smith
He is one, a Lamer Smith that is
He sits in his chair and looks at eggs
Eggs that look like round planets
Planets that begin to grow bigfoots
The bigfoots of the egg planet
Known as Lamer Smith Bigdon.
He also loves to eat Bacon
Interplanetary bacon that is free from gamma rays
Some of the bigfoots have
Had doses of the gamma ray bacon
They have become the Lamer Smith

Night of Symphony Strangers

The flowers of a night faded symphony of strangers
As they leave the half filled torium
Of singers and thieves and the lye and cheats
The clouds move fast as a storm approaches
Unknown its force and will
Its decision to pass or take
Its winds will destroy or break
The storm house is well on its way
With the old onions and potatoes
Sit with the scorpions and spiders
They wonder why your there
Its the same night as before to them.

Albino Bigfoot of Ohio

The man of Ohio said he was watching
The albino bigfoot of Portsmith
While the young and poor smoke
He watches them in seclusion
From their own backyard.
He watches out his windows in the eve
And wanders if he will return
The albino bigfoot of Portsmith.
His sound is like that of a dying wolf
His sound is that of a dying wolf.
The sound of a dying wolf.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Genuine Coffee

The woods were silent
The heartaches were gone
The trees whispered a tune
Not a pretty song
The day was not forgotten
The land was not so dry
The day Sidney Johnston
Made his zombie gun flash
The flowers of Rosell.
Fifty two cups of genuine coffee.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Monuments of Mysterious Ships

Day of light out of night
Stars fall slowly toward you
The creek runs determined to the sea
Cutting through the Earth
The mountain looks over you
Flowers there bloom at night
Unfounded inside the monument
There within it lies ships.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Night of Hidden Noises

Night of lowing noises
Night of hidden moon
Night of running horses
Night of stillness unto the depths
Where is thy grail
Is that thy hand towards the woods
Noises there never cease
Noises there never cease.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Night Strangness

Night of clouds capture light
From the window the moon
A shadow from a reflected sun
The heat not to worry
The light of Jupiter shines in your retina
This changes the night as you would know it
The sounds of strange things
Can you hook up your phones
Point it there, toward that planet
There is someone living there.