Monday, July 22, 2013

Holy Fire Ant Hell

The field I see in the distance
There are fire ants there
Their mounds await for some feet,
To sting until you yell
Holy ant mama hell!
Then you run and fall into water
A pond or creek, maybe
The sting lights up your whole body.
Until you become beacon.
Or bacon.

The Horsemen of Tunage

Wild horsemen race past my house
With yelling 
They turn around and come back again
With yelling
This time I run outside and yell,
It does no good!
They are having gathering down the road
They have small radios attached to their horses
They blast Lightings' Guitar Rag. 
The horsemen of Tunage.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Thunder Of

Thunder in the distance
Sound of rumble wagon
Run away train of the sky
Sound as if the sky was in tear
Window pane shutters
I drop my florescent light
Understanding an ancient
Run to the cave
It shall rain now.