Thursday, June 30, 2011

Magazine Hotel Bill

Dramas under analysis for years
She still can't act
They love you in your blue terry-cloth robe
Her basic hotel bill was a crisp dollar bill
When she was complete to reconsider
Her performance was stale
Old magazines and dropped voices
Bushy red hennaed hair and dark lipstick
A full blown electrolysis of sex
Dropped voices and produced disappointment
We never get around to using film

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Classic Answering for Spaghetti Zombies

Russians in an above ground glamor city
Texans with cannons and eyelashes
Zombies in tinfoil suits
Exactly what a company is disgusted in
Berlin kids watching a bench across the street
Leaving good luck eggs around the park
Living rooms without spaghetti T.V.s
Try our classic answering machine
It is an advanced theatrical device
Hooked to concentrated minutemen
Enhanced with a Mozart ballet.

Bronze Blouse

Ostrich bashed and screaming crazy
Befriended by a village of Canadians
In the morning he'd sleep it off.
Tuning guitar strings above her bronze blouse
Another color, another coat hanger
Bluejeans and a swagger, I respected.
Outrageous analysis then send a limo
More attractive than lucid door cabinets
Anphetamines and clear light bulbs
See a prescription psychiatrist only
Near and exotic shooting of poetic words
Oh her pleated white shirt and frustration.

Drone Television Plane

Introduced to an old mirror ball
Texture in the control booth
Thousands of bell-bottoms and classic rabbis
A drone television plane
Glittering gold construction workers
Silver hip-riding miniskirts
Curious balcony gazers
A lobby contributed to a FEMA camp
A clear electric necktie of restriction.

Zombie Groped

Signals to a prearranged group
Groped by the TSA
If only they could be punched
Needed money, distracted, dance pieces
Choreographed to be a leftover
Horrible clones and kettle fish
Absolutely fascinated by squares
Underground companies run by a zombie government man
Ransacked and brandishing a costume of power
He released the cloth and answered the phone.
Fascinated by stacks of papers
Introduced to pouring rain
The carousel kept going in circles

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Somber Nancy Reagan Gestures

Back from abstraction
Looking inside and out
Images of split second teasers
Picnic tables
Phenomenal appointed muck in front of you.
Canvases show off penniless nail drivers
Whores in a bath down blueprint commercial to your eyes
The value of an uptown burglar alarm in the night
Drinks sitting on Victorian furniture
Somber gestures of Nancy Reagan

The Intricate Design of the Machine

The intricate design of the machine is one of close examination. It involves small details, vast noises and elusive atoms. Why should the atoms inside the design of the machine matter? Because it is all a detail in your holographic image of what the machine should be. The machine only runs because you pay attention to it. If your eye was not the lens that it is seen through, would the machine itself exist? Some people say yes, others are in the no area. The machine is so massive it is also hard to understand how to slow it down or stop it. Certain individuals believe the only way to stop the machine is with thought or attention to detail. The most interesting part of this statement is the attention to detail. Maybe it is in examining the detail, as to how it works, down to the exact atom and then to become the machine in your mind and thus be able to slow or stop yourself altogether. The machine takes thought, it lives and breathes from it. In knowing this be careful, be vigilant, and know that it feeds from the massive thought that surrounds it. You make the machine what it seems to destroy you. It is very similar to the StayPuff man in the Ghostbusters movie. The most innocent object can become the biggest monster in your life. In closing remember, you make the machine what it is and control it. Be very careful which way you move the machine, or you might end up being taken by it.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Time Is Now for Time

The time for time is now
Listen to how
The wind tells you your name
You was born on a crispy still morning
Near a revolution in Nacogdoches
Jim Bowie chased them out of town
The occupiers were chased across the river
The Battle of Nacogdoches 1834

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Whats after the Zombie-BIGFOOT

First vampires now zombies
We have begun to leave the realm of the vampire, girls love them, now we are treading waters to the zombies. We are about a quarter the way through this pond, but what is next, whats around the corner after zombies?
That is a good question that is really to early to tell. I would say it is going to be Bigfoot. The Bigfoot phenom was big in the early 70's now he is back. Who would have thought the Bigfoot star would brighten itself more now than ever. Bigfoot search teams and websites and trackers are all over the internet. The coolest thing about it is, yes he could be real. One relic of the past Bigfoot fad was the greatest music album ever made, Don Jones- Bigfoot. This bit of music magic is very rare and most albums sell for over $100+. Don Jones has since disappeared into, no one knows where, but the Bigfoot legacy with the help of Don Jones remains. Don Jones will always be known as the mysterious king of Bigfoot music as we know it. Little known fact: Bigfoot can overtake zombies. That is the movie that should be made.

Tyler,Texas- Home of the Phil Collins cover bands

Yes folks, little Tyler Texas has never really had a music scene, because it sucks.
They do have many cover blues bands and Phil Collins cover bands but that just about does it. They are known for their sister city Longview and her shootings. If your in Tyler,Texas your probably a left over from Dallas, and probably claim Dallas. I stayed there one day and heard more Phil Collins than I ever want to hear in my life. So if you like Phil Collins, take you a drive to Tyler, you will get it all. Soon they will dedicate a statue to him on the square and maybe a rest area or two. He is the top performer in Tyler, Texas. Next time you think of Tyler, Texas think Phil Collins.

Fiddle with a Zombie

I saw a zombie fiddle one time, for a brief moment.
Time was different then with apple cider in a cup.
The old 51 Hudson that we had, well it took a break.
The heat made a watermelon run away.
The vine growing on the brake lights turned to gold.
People came up the creek, on boats covered with cellophane.
The trees tormented the zombie fiddler.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Zombie Inter-View

We are so proud to get you on the phone zombie, so my first question is,"what is it like to be a zombie?"
Yes, I see. Do you ever listen to Slim Whitman?
Yes, awesome! What is your favorite fruit?
That is a good one. Yes, is your position, where you stand equal to the things you say.

Not getting political.
No need to get that way dude.
Hang up.

Zombies are Noise

Zombies, stomp on my roof
Zombies, stomp on my mind
They only think of nightmare dreams to live
Oh, Zombies
Only in they night they are a scary thing
You dont know they are there.

Zombies stomp on my roof.

Zombies on the Roof

Zombies, well at night here in eastern Texas they come out sometimes. Last night we had two on the roof dancing to and old song about ice. What that was about we have not been able to decipher. At night here they dance on the roof, during the day they keep getting into cars and run into ponds. Some have houses under the ponds they call "aaahs". We try to keep them asleep in old log barns here until they surrender their catfish bait to us. Prompt, we need that stinky catfish bait Prompt, they say. It is hell in the woods here, hell in the woods!

Zombie Thoughts.

The other day the craziest thing happened, we were watching the side roll off of Ben Millers old '93 Mazda truck, Then this zombie appeared out of the woods, just in time to pull that side off of that truck. Well we put him to work although he was not happy about the situation. While he worked we threw old Robert Goulet albums at him. It was a pleasure to see them break on his head, poor old zombie.

Out In the Heat

Zombies you turn into out in this heat.
Zombies you turn into, the heat is to much.
Zombies loose their way out in the heat.
Zombies wander around looking for water.